A New Way to Experience Fremont

hot tub boat rental

Sightseeing just got more interesting. Long gone are the days of sitting in an overcrowded tour bus and listening to a monotone guide. If you want to see the sights and sounds, you need to experience them from the water. Lake Union Hot Tub Boats provides guests with a unique sightseeing adventure. We serve customers from across Fremont and the surrounding areas, and we hope to have you go on an adventure with us.


What Is a Hot Tub Boat?


You’ve probably been in a boat and a hot tub at some point, but what if you combined these two experiences into one? That’s what we do here at Lake Union Hot Tub Boats. Our small tour boats feature a built-in hot tub. While you travel across Lake Union, you’ll get to ride in comfort all the way. 

The temperature of lake water fluctuates throughout the year, but when you sit in a hot tub, you can control the warmth of the water. Our hot tubs reach a comfortable 104-degrees thanks to an adjustable wood-fired stove. Not only will you stay toasty warm, but our boats are also eco-friendly, so you can tour the area and reduce your carbon footprint!


Explore the Most Popular Sites


Let’s face it—the most popular attractions are busy. You have to fight to find a parking spot, and once you do, you must maneuver your way through crowds of people. However, when you come to Lake Union Hot Tub Boats, you can avoid this hassle.

While you won’t get out on foot, you can still see many of the most popular sites while floating across Lake Union. Our customers get to view the Space Needle and Gas Works Park without dealing with noisy crowds. You eat a snack and sip on a beverage while you see these fantastic attractions from afar.


Get Cozy with Your Friends


Why travel alone when you can bring a few friends? All our boats at Lake Union Hot Tub Boat seat up to six adults. Feel free to invite your best friends or make it a family outing on Lake Union—the choice is up to you. The more people on your boat, the merrier.

Food and beverages are always permissible on our boats. While we’ll give you a bottle of water, you can bring whatever snacks you desire. Hook your phone up to our Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your favorite music while on the water. And unlike the other guys, you can even bring a few alcoholic beverages as long as you have a designated captain.


The Best Way to Travel on Lake Union


Before you sign up for your next tourist attraction, consider doing something different and a lot more fun. Lake Union Hot Tub Boats is an experience you’ll never forget. As the captain of your hot tub, you’ll be able to relax and sightsee at the same time. All trips last for two hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to soak up the sun and have some fun. Call Lake Union Hot Tub Boats today to reserve one of our boats for your next gathering.


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