Family Owned

Lake Union Hot Tub Boats is a family-owned company of individuals who love being on the water, and in the water, year-round. We started this business in 2019 to share our love of the water and being outside – no matter the weather! – with you. We have the largest fleet of hot tub boats on Lake Union with six boats and we are the first and only wood-fired hot tub boat rental business in the United States. We have found a way to stay in our bathing suits year-round and we feel very lucky to be able to offer that experience to our customers.

See Seattle from a FLOATING HOT TUB!

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Come rent and drive our wood-fired hot tub boats around Lake Union! Yes, floating hot tubs! Our hot tub boats are a unique, fun, and relaxing way to experience this beautiful city. Pricing starts at $350 plus tax for weekday morning trips, $400 plus tax for weekday afternoons and evenings, and $450 plus tax for weekends.

What to expect?

You’ll come down to our boat office, change into your swimsuit in our warm and dry changing rooms, then get straight into the hot tub boat and begin to enjoy the 100+ degree water as you drive around Lake Union in a boat!  You’ll get to experience all the breathtaking views that Lake Union offers, especially the magnificent skyline! It’s a one-of-a-kind experience on a one of a kind lake! No matter the weather outside, our wood-fired hot tub boats are always hot!

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