Our Boats

Made in Europe, enjoyed in Seattle

Our boats were made in the Netherlands by a Dutch designer and they are the world’s first electric-propelled wood-fired hot tub boats. With rental locations in the Netherlands, Finland, the UK, and Switzerland — Lake Union Hot Tub Boats is the only place in the US where you can experience the ride of a lifetime, all year round!

Lake Union Hot Tub Boat Diagram

Lake Union Hot Tub Boats

Boating safely, no matter what

The boat holds up to 6 people and comes equipped with six life jackets. The boat is filled with fresh water, every time. We do not use any chemicals, including chlorine, in our water – so it’s just like taking a bath (but in a boat, with a fire, on the lake). Boats are thoroughly cleaned with environmentally-friendly products after each use.

How the heck do you drive this thing?!

Our boats are powered with an electric motor and use a tiller to easily steer the boat. The boats travel at a leisurely pace, with a maximum speed of 3 miles per hour (you’re in it to relax, not win the Indy 500!) and are protected with a set of hefty fenders on each side. There is a simple on/off switch and a forward/reverse knob for starting and stopping the boat. Prior to each trip, our talented staff will teach you how to safely use the boat and answer any questions that come up.

Lake Union Hot Tub Boats Wood Fired Fun

Wood-fired fun

We use energy-efficient logs made from recycled wood to keep the boats toasty warm while you are exploring all that Lake Union has to offer — with the added bonus of that camp-fire smell! The high density and low moisture content of these logs enables it to pack 8600 BTUs per pound, which means the logs burn cleaner, hotter and longer than traditional firewood or other manufactured logs.